What diaper bags ( style) do you guys recommend?


What diaper bags (backpack style) do you guys recommend?


Questions: Wife and I are having a lot of issues deciding on a bag. The higher rated ones have reviews indicating the straps breaking, zippers breaking, cheap construction. 


Also I'm of the opinion that we could easily get literally any bag (like a hiking day bag) and use that just as good as a dedicated diaper bag.

We're undecided on the importance of having dedicated pockets and whatnot.

I think the biggest feature we're looking for is an insulated pocket for ice packs/baby bottles but considering we could easily use a lunch box for that, im not sure if thats as important of a feature as we think.


Suggestions from other Moms


A: It just depends what you need it for. As someone who breastfed I could literally just use any bag. All I needed to leave the house we're diapers, wipes, and a change of clothes. I typically just used my regular oversized purse. Now that I'll have two kids to carry stuff for I got a diaper backpack that holds it's form when you unzip the top just because it's easier to dig through.


B: Has loads of pockets, easy top opener and a waterproof ice pack pocket behind where the bottle pockets are.


C: We use an backpack. It’s worked well for us and because the cooler unclips, after baby stopped taking bottles we just put that part in storage.

My only real gripe is that the inside (of any backpack) is dark and hard to find things. That can be solved by using packing cubes though. I think carrying a backpack is easier than a typical diaper bag and this one came in an unobtrusive black color.


D: I have a diaper bag insert from hellomybb. I use that with any tote that I have and my husband can easily take it out and put it in his backpack.


I love it - I have had mine for 2 years and it stood up to the test of time very well. The only reason why I needed to change it is because my mom used it and spilled water in it and forgot to empty it for a few days so it started to smell since it absorbed into one of the insulated pockets. But I have had my daughter throw up in it and projectile poop into it and I cleaned it the same day and let it air dry and it held up well. The site often also has sales for 25% off so you can wait for that.


I loved it so much I got the mini version for my 2 year olds back pack to organize her stuff as well and its really nice.


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